What about sanitizing these items?

We understand that these are unbelievable times, and maybe purchasing something pre-loved made you a bit worried. We're here to re-assure you that we're adding sanitary measures to our treasures!

From making sure they are disinfected at the delivery or shipping process, to even sanitizing the exterior of the box for your safety. 

Can I expect shipping delays?

Here in Canada, we are definitely impacted by some shipping delays. However we will be working tirelessly alongside our shipping carriers to make sure your items arrive as timely as possible. We understand that you're looking forward to your treasure :)

What are you planning moving forward?

Moving forward, our sanitation process will remain in place. We have always been sure to take care of our items as we would items that are sitting in our own home. You can expect us to continue all measures moving forward, since your safety is so important to us.