Out with the New, in with the Old: Shopping for Vintage Gifts

Out with the New, in with the Old: Shopping for Vintage Gifts

As a mid-twenties gal, I have plenty of friends buying homes and renting apartments. I've done my fair share of shopping at department stores for the perfect candle or throw blanket for their new pad. Now I have come to terms with the fact that: 1 - I have no idea what colour palette any of my friends (even best friends) are going for, and 2 - we all have too many throw blankets.

So, I've recently tried a new approach: vintage shopping and giving friends classic pieces for their homes. The best example was a recent bestie who is super into vintage finds. My mom and I found some awesome green goblet glasses and I had that thrilling feeling of "oh these are perfect for her". After spending less than I would have on a throw blanket, I bought them second hand, washed them up and bagged them with a bottle of red wine.

When I gave her the gift, her eyes lit up (more than any of my other friends had when I added to their throw blanket collections). Loving the colour, the style and everything in-between, she was super thankful. Me - an overly-excited gift-giver who loves the rush of someone opening a present felt amazing. I had done it! I had cracked the code to housewarming gifts, without breaking the bank. So, here are my top tips.

1. Ditch the department stores.

Okay, don't come after me if you're a department store gal - I'm also guilty of grabbing a latte and walking through these stores. But here's why I think you need to ditch it if you want a good housewarming present. Your friends most likely browse the same shops, especially if they just bought a house and you could end up easily doubling-up on something they've picked for themselves. There's also the fact that it's generic. It's easy. We all have a million candles half used, so why add to the pile? Breaking free of the capitalism palace (aka the mall) will be your starting point. 

2. Don't be shy of colour.

It can be intimidating getting a bold stable piece for a family member or friend, but if 2022 has taught me anything - colour is coming back! Especially when it comes to dishware and unique glassware; orange, yellow and green are truly the new grey. When you find a piece that's fuchsia pink but reminds you of your bestie, why not go for it? It will be 100% different than anything they've had before and might inspire a creative colour palette for their new place!

3: If all else fails, go with crystal.

 If you are debating between colour or no colour, don't worry: crystal to the rescue! It's a classic addition to a home, and for a lot of us younger home-owners it's a stable piece we never even thought of picking out. It doesn't have to be your granny's candy dish, it can be a beautiful decanter for their home bar, some wine glasses, or even a vase. Seriously it's such a great addition to any style of home and is proven to be timeless. Aren't sure how to find real crystal? Always check the bottom of the item for any company information. If you don't see anything: go by the weight! The heavier, the better when it comes to crystal. 

I hope these three tips will inspire you to become the most epic gift giver in your friend group. Happy shopping and hunt for those treasures!